Reiko Manabe

flute player

Roger Reynold’s 70th Birthday Concert June 4, 2004

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June 4 2004, 8pm
Warren Lecture Hall, Studio A

Harvey Sollberger, flute
Harvey Sollberger

Sanctuary (2004-, in progress)
Gustavo Aguilar
Rob Esler
Don Nichols
Mathias Reumert, percussion
Chris Parry
Shirley Halahmy
Sarah Maines
Jeff Fightmaster, lighting design
Miller Puckette
Joe Sarlo
Pei Xiang, technology
Steven Schick, musical coach
Roger Reynolds

Like a Small Waterwheel
John Fonville, flute
Laura mitchell, voice
Yuji Takahashi

Infant Aulos
Paul Koonce

Janos Negyesy, violin
Marita Bolles

The Wolfman Tape
Robert Ashley

Ferdinand's Comfort
Anne-Marie Dicce, soprano
Philip Larson, baritone
Reiko Manabe, flute
Aleck Karis, piano
Paivikki Nykter, violin
Carolyn Tyler, cello
Michelle Lou, double bass
Steven Schick, conductor
Kaija Saariaho

Illustration I and II-from last things, I think, to think about
Aleck Karis, piano
Philip larson, baritone
Roger Reynolds
(text: John Ashbery)

Estuio en Azul
Colin McAllister, guitar
Juan Campoverde

RRRings t{h}RRR(o)[gh]e
David Felder

RR 70
Susan Ung, violin
Chinary Ung

leaf-Wort/ Blatt-word
Steve Takasugi

The Kite's Tail
david Borgo, alto saxophone
ed Harkins, trumpet
Charles Curtis, cello
Chaya Czernowin

Roger's Birthday Scroll
Michael Theodore

Watershed I (1995)
Steven Schick, percussion
Roger Reynolds